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Beef Dumplings

As for those grapefruit and buttermilk diets, I’ll take roasted chicken and dumplings. – Hattie McDaniel I LOVE restaurant or homemade dumplings, and it turns out they aren’t so tricky to make! This recipe def took a bit longer than usual, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing and I had to...

Crunchy Asian Salad

Asian food, and especially Asian salads, is typically dairy free due to the nature of their diets. I love visiting different Japanese and Chinese restaurants to try out different foods – my family is Irish and Italian, so Asian food always feels special. This dairy free salad was so easy to make and tasted great....

Vegan Recipe: Rainbow Stuffed Peppers

Eat less from a box and more (vegan recipe) from the earth. I found this amazing dairy free and vegan recipe on a website called (great website name, btw). I ate it for lunch, but it would be a great dairy free recipe for dinner, too! It’s perfect for a crowd, too. The recipe...

Dairy Free Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting

I love dairy free carrot cake more than any other dessert I bake. This recipe is my go-to, especially during the holidays when I know every single dessert at my grandparents’ house will be filled with all sorts of dairy. Offer to bring this along, and no one will even know it’s dairy free. Plus,...