Soup Wars Part 2: Broccoli Potato Soup

I do not like broccoli. And I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I’m President of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli. George H. W. Bush I have to disagree with former President Bush here – I actually really like broccoli. Maybe he would’ve changed his mind if … Continue reading Soup Wars Part 2: Broccoli Potato Soup

Shrimp & Asparagus Stir Fry

“Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea.” – Forrest Gump This is my favorite lunch recipe. It’s so quick, it’s super healthy, and it tastes amazing. I tend to make it slightly differently each time, depending on what ingredients I have at home and it always turns out fine. Here we gooo! INGREDIENTS (Feeds 1-2 people. I usually make the … Continue reading Shrimp & Asparagus Stir Fry